As. de vanatori Crisana Hunting

Office and place of business:
Str. Regele Ferdinand, nr. 2,
Salonta, Bihor, Romania

Tel / fax: 0040-259-373-025
Mobil: 0040-766-065-949


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CRIŞANA HUNTING promote rational game in order to maintain the natural balance between: predator and prey plantivor on the one hand and its living environment on the other.

To this end monitor progress of game, in terms of quantity and quality, always keeping track of a game optimally effective, properly structured so as to benefit from generous hunting quotas in terms of minimal harm the agricultural environment, forest-life.

At CRIŞANA HUNTING you feel irresistible inner calling to hunting and nature.

You know the real passion and satisfaction in sporting and elegant way of obtaining game. We will help you to understand that quality comes first (why and how hunting) rather than quantity (as hunting).

You know the satisfaction afforded by points gained and pride trophy hunting picture you want.

We are pragmatic and we hindrance imposed by time and space in the practice of hunting, not jeopardize, in any way, perennial activity.

Protect habitat game, meaning that its protection without habitat protection remains a utopia.

We take responsibility for hunting legacy we leave future generations. CRIŞANA HUNTING hunters to kill the game, but it hunts.

Here are just a few reasons why you expect CRIŞANA HUNTING, where hunting is a hobby of hunting, good balance in nature and human society.

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